Food Punkt Murg

Food Point Murg is a hub for innovative and sustainable Food Trends in Switzerland. The Sagibeiz (Sawers Lodge), the Loft-Hotel and a fantastic choice of local specialities and wines made Murg on Lake Walensee our first choice for setting up our Swiss camp there.

In the Alte Spinnerei – old Spinning mill – close to the Loft Hotel, we have opened the  Öl und Choscht Bar (the oil and food bar) in a luminous loft with gorgeous views of the Churfirsten mountains. Here you find our freshly pressed EVO – Olive Oil – the “Mosto” fresh from the olive mill in Sicily. In late summer we send fresh tomato sauce to Murg. You will also find the Sicilian specialities of Tasting Sicily which we produce in Graniti/Sicily. Sometimes there are fresh lemons or oranges from our garden, fresh Sicilian oregano, dried tomatoes, Balsamic vinegar and whatever else grows on our island. 

New: We ship orders from our online shop packed in the genius Emba-Flex-Boxes by Swiss Post everywhere in Switzerland.


The Öl und Choscht Bar shop in Murg is open on Fridays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  


There is a campsite right on the lake where we sometimes set up camp with our roof top tent. There is something going on in Murg on Lake Walensee…. 

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