Taste on Tour

We have been doing this for 20 years now… hospitality, cooking, travelling of which 10 years in Sicily. 

At a certain moment we had decided to move from Switzerland to Sicily, closer to the raw materials we needed for the production of our Sicilian specialities, instead of shipping them up north.

And now again we made a big decision: to go and visit the many guests, friends, cooks and artists whom we met over the last years in their respective countries instead of waiting for them to find their way to Sicily again. 


So we got a car, fixed a roof-top-tent, bought an awning and a kitchen-box and started our new adventure. 

We always carry some homemade olive-oil in the trunk, everything else is reduced to the max. We want to see the north cap, cross over to Greece and to Istanbul, tour through Spain and Portugal and wherever else the wind may blow us. 

Right at the top of Karin’s bucket list is the Aurora Borealis on the Orkney Islands in Northern Scotland. On Salvatore’s list we have all the distilleries along the way, historic Paradores and exotic foods of any color and taste…

Here’s where we will keep you updated on how things are going and who we invite to join us for cooking with the QUQUQ kitchen box. Because: starred chef cooks behind a camping cooker is not your usual cooking show…

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