The thing about the olives… it was a long way and took some years…We have learnt a lot, we made mistakes and always asked questiones and improved. Today we produce and sell really good EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) – directly from the producer to the consumer – and we always and completely identify with our product.

First let’s talk about the Mosto di Olive… Every year at the beginning of November we offer the just harvest fresh pressed olive oil direct from the mill, bottled in our transparent square glass bottle with a handwritten and numbered label. Intensely green, fruity and impetuous – these are the characteristics of freshly pressed olive oil and it’s a very special product we look forward to after every harvest. You can get your bottle online, in the Öl und Choscht Bar, at various olive oil events or in a few selected shops. Contact us – we are happy to help.

In early spring of the following year we supply the remaining olive oil from the previous autumn harvest in 3-Liter cans from Sicily to Switzerland. Orders and sales in the Öl und Choscht Bar and in the Online-Shop.

As we are always searching for more knowhow and quality, Salvatore has completed the Olive Oil-panel-course at the ONAOO – the Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Olio di Oliva (National Olive Oil Tasting Organisation).

Interested in “Olive-Oil-Tastings” and theme events about this interesting topic. Interested? Contact us…

Video Olive harvest 2021: (view Video )

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