Is there anything that tastes more like summer and south than a mouthful of sun ripened tomatoes fresh from the field… After moving to Sicily we eventually understood why everybody – I mean EVERYBODY – cooks their own tomato sauce and they would rather starve than buy a bottle of tomato sauce in a shop. The taste of homemade tomato sauce from ripe tomatoes is simply matchless. 

Emigrated youngsters of Sicilian mamma’s still get their “survival food supplies” from mamma’s kitchen by post like the many generations before them – and there is always a bottle of homemade tomato sauce extra.

So we ploughed and cleaned a piece of land along the river, built a small lake and now we plant and cultivate the tomatoes for our Mamma’s Tomato Sauce. We put only tomatoes, a pinch of salt, a drop of olive oil and a lot of sunshine into our homemade sugo.(see Video )

We sell our Mamma’s Tomato Sugo in single 330ml bottles or in boxes of 12 bottles – to store in your pantry –  so that you never have to buy tomato sauce in a supermarket ever again. Available online, at Öl und Choscht Bar shop or together with olive oil home delivery.